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Who's Who

Can you guess who is who?




Teaching and support staff


Head Teacher:                                                 Jo Westaby

Deputy Heads:                                                Claire Murray and Hayley Ryder-Smith

School Business Manager                             Lin Smith

Admin Officer:                                                Louise Gray

Premises Officer                                             Sheila Lloyd


Teaching Staff

Sinead Baker                                                   Foundation Stage - Hedgehogs

Claire Murray                                                  Year 1 Moles

Sam Bratton                                                    Year 2 Squirrels

Samantha Lightfoot                                       Year 3 Badgers

Andrew Clifton                                               Year 4 Owls

Hayley Ryder Smith                                       Year 5 Otters

Sarah Bartlam/Debbie Staps                        Year 6 Foxes


Support Staff

Kelly Ainge                                                       Nursery Nurse

Ann Gardner                                                    LSA

Sharon Shaw                                                    LSA

Ruth Barnes                                                     LSA/HLTA/ELSA

Lesley Edwards                                               HLTA

Becky Allen                                                      LSA

Jane Beasley                                                    LSA/MDS

Clare Cannaby                                                 LSA

Reena Bahlay                                                  LSA

Sam Hart                                                          LSA/MDS


Shelia Lloyd                                                     Premises Officer/Cleaner/MDS

Sam Normington                                            Cleaner

Valerie Brotherhood                                      MDS

Stephanie Crumbie                                        MDS

Sarah Wallis                                                     MDS